Ultra Smash Core #13

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- 3 stocks, 7 minutes
- Hazards are OFF
- Neutral Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, & Pokemon Stadium 2
- Counterpick Stages: Yoshi's Island (Brawl), Town & City, & Kalos Pokemon League

- Battlefield Forms that do not affect the Z axis are legal (ie no Flat Zone X/75m)
- Omega Forms that do not affect the Z axis are legal (ie no Mario Bros./Balloon Fight)

- Stage Morph is OFF
- Final Smash Meter is OFF
- Radar is ON (default size)
- Top 6 will be Best 3/5 - otherwise, all sets are 2/3
- It is a double elimination tournament, so if you lose your first set don't worry. You have to lose two sets to be out of the bracket.
Before you start your set:

- add each other's FC's (most of them are on the google doc pinned in the general chat)
- declare the character you are playing before banning stages.
Stage Bans:
The player with the lower seed number (1 is the highest seed number, anything after that is a lower seed etc.) decides which one of the neutral stages they want to ban. 
Then the next person decides two of the neutral stages to ban
Then the first person decided which of the remaining stages to play the first game on.

The winner of each game decides which two of the legal stages they want to ban.
DSR: Stages you have won on you are not allowed to go back to.
The loser then gets to choose which stage to play on (including counterpick stages now)
It is perfectly fine to ignore bans and just pick any LEGAL stage that both players agree to go to.
Any questions let the organizers know.

These rules are likely to change for future iterations. Terms and conditions apply.

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